This speaks to me

Background:  In recent years and particularly in the summer of 2020, racial tensions and divides have risen and even boiled over.  You have lived through this.  What speaks to you?  What have you experienced, felt, thought, done?  This assignment is all about sharing your experiences and whatever sociocultural “stuff” you would like classmates know about that relates to this theme.  That is, was there ? 
Instructions:  To encourage sharing without fear of being judged by your instructor or other students, this post will not be graded except for completion.

Share an event, Tik Tok video, Twitter or FaceBook post, art exhibit or mural, article, music or rap song, etc. that captured your attention in particular and which speaks to racial divides in the U.S. (Anything that is digital needs to have its link provided in part 1.)  Be thoughtful and mindful about what you share, however. These are delicate, sensitive issues.  But we need to have open, honest communication about them too. So it is all right to share something controversial, even offensive, but you must also…
Explain why this event, video, post, song, etc. “speaks to you”.  Why did you choose it?  Why is it important to you and to share with classmates?

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This speaks to me
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