Theory Application Write-up – outline

For this assignment, please refer to the Theory Application Project Rubric (attached) for information about the write-up due at the end of the course. The purpose of this assignment is to deliver a detailed outline of your write-up which you can then use to structure and write your final write-up.

Create an outline of your final write-up using the standard alphanumeric format.
Include in your outline a clear argumentative thesis statement of no more than two sentences.
Include in your outline an introduction, at least four clear and specific sections for the main argument, and a conclusion, and provide a clear explanation of how your argument will be supported.
Please review the Outline Rubric for assessment criteria prior to submission.

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Theory Application Write-up – outline
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1) I also attached the previous week’s write-up to this, to give you an idea of the project.
2) Please see the picture attached for an example of an outline in the 


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