The Weekly Journal Nursing

I do request that each entry of The Weekly Journal be started with the following heading:

Your Name: _____________________

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The Weekly Journal Nursing
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Week of:(Sun-Sat) 

Total Clinical hours for the Week: ___

Total Clinical hours for Semester: ___

Total Clinical hours for Program: ___

2.  I would like for you to include in your Weekly Journal:

-Most interesting patient: This would be a summary of something that you learned that week, something you never seen before, a particular diagnosis that you want to share.  You could also put the “most useful clinical pearl” here

-My goals for improvement: a couple examples but use your own goals, example: I need to brush up on proper ATB’s and the organisms they cover or I need to work on my time allotment with each patient. 

-Please write a journal about a patient who came for  a follow up appt  related to Plantar Fasciitis.
-I have never heard of this disease before. So please write a journal about this disease following the above questions .


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