The Watchmen

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Final paper due. Essays MUST have a works cited with a minimum of 3 resources (your text should be one of them). Papers should be 3 – 4 pages in length, not including title page and works cited (750 – 1000 words in length). Remember that this is your final paper/final exam for this class. Papers should reflect the student′s writing skills and ability to do literary analysis. Students may select from the following two topics: What character did you most identify with in The Watchmen? Do a careful analysis of the character, researching history, symbolism, and role in the plot. Then explain how you identify with this character – what do you see in the character that you see in yourself? Why? What did this study reveal to you about where we are in post-modernism? What issues did it uncover? How can we connect The Watchmen to what is going on in the world today?

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The Watchmen
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