The use of chatbots

1. Each question can be answer with just one to  two sentences.
2. Make sure to number each question along with the letter 1.) a, b, c, etc.
1. The Impacts
a. How could the use of the Chabot affect your daily job duties if your company uses chatbots?
b. Do you think the use of Chabot would influence your work-life balance? If so, how?
c. Do you think the use of chatbot would influence your job performance? If so, how?

2. The types of support as a result of using chatbots
a. How do you describe the support 
you would receive from the usage of the chatbot therefore improving your job performance?
b. Do you think you would receive emotional support from the usage of the chatbot? If so, describe. 
c. Do you think you would receive informational or knowledge support from the usage of the chatbot? If so, describe.
d. What other support have you seen as a results of using chatbots?

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The use of chatbots
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3. What technical features of chatbots make it possible to receive support you mentioned above? (For example, chatbot is available 24/7, it may make you more confident in performing your job duties, thus emotional support).

4. The impacts on business
a. Would the use of the chatbot affect the business operation of your company? If so, how?
b. How do you describe the impacts of the chatbot on your company (business) through the usage of chatbot?

5. The usage phase
a. How is the chatbot used (day-to-day routine use)? What are business processes/tasks that the chatbot supports?


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