The Struggle for Equality

For hundreds of years, many Americans have been struggling to be treated equally.  Many laws have been introduced and some even passed in an effort to combat inequality in the United States.
Question;  identify the three standards the Supreme Court uses to evaluate whether a classification in a law or regulation is constitutionally permissible. Discuss what test the Court applies for each standard and whether the rule maker or the challenger has the burden of proof. Give an example of a law that could be subject to each standard of review. Do you agree with this three-tiered approach? Why or why not?  – USE POWERPOINT I ATTACHED FOR NOTES
RUBRIC:   Your response contains All of the following criterion: a precise thesis (1–2 sentences) that directly addresses the question prompt, 1–2 direct quotes from this week’s assigned reading(s), and at least 2 additional sentences that analyze the direct quotes and explain how the evidence supports your thesis. 
10 sentences. no big vocabulary words  

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The Struggle for Equality
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