The rise in opioid abuse during covid 19 in Robeson county nc

Hi, unfortunately, the paper did not meet requirements for the capstone project. It was more of a literature review but not representation of some type of data collection/analysis. There is little to no calculation or analysis based on a secondary data analysis reflecting class discussion (e.g., theme analysis, calculating descriptive statistics, etc.). There are graphs but no indication of the calculations that led to development of the graphs. Take steps to consider what you will include on your poster and whether it will meet the project requirements. It would need to include an analysis based on findings from an actual comparison of Robeson County data to National data, what themes did you find, what information reflects those themes, create a table to show this. For other data or numbers, calculate descriptive statistics. I hope this feedback is helpful.

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The rise in opioid abuse during covid 19 in Robeson county nc
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