The New Donor Act (The Netherlands)

Assignment: Using your own words, write a reflection paper of at least 3000 but no more than 4000 words*. The paper should cover the following:1 What is the impact of a transplantation on the recipient (patient), the donor (living or dead), the doctors and the recipient’s relatives? Include physical, social and emotional aspects.2 What is your position on the new Donor Act? Take the shortage of donor organs as well as religious and ethical aspects into accountPlease include the two references:1. Chamuleau-Moolhuysen, L. (2020, 1 August). Als je dan toch nieuwe longen krijgt, wil je wel een topsetje. Parool2. Video ‘On the waiting list for organ transplantation”.*The reference list is not included in the word count

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The New Donor Act (The Netherlands)
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