The Human Genome Assignment

In the year 2000, the company Celera and the official Human Genome Project announced the first working draft of the human genome. This incredible feat revolutionized how scientists can study traits and diseases at the genetic level. In this Assignment, you will examine the importance of this announcement and look at some of its implications.You can start you research with Human Genome Project Information Archive: Department of Energy (n.d.) Human Genome Project. Retrieved June 20, 2017, from essay should address the following:Briefly explain the goal of the human genome project and one technique used to sequence DNA.Even though the human genome was sequenced, discuss how DNA sequence can differ from person to person.Discuss what issues have been raised about handling and utilizing the enormous amount of data generated from the Human Genome Project.Provide two examples of how the knowledge of the human genome sequence has benefited genetic research, technology or the field of medicine.Analyze two ethical or legal implications concerning the ability to know a person’s DNA sequence. Your Assignment should be written in an essay format, with an introduction and conclusion. The paper will require you to include details from research including the course materials and sources you locate on your own. Use APA format to cite your sources of information, both within parenthetical citations and also within a reference page at the end of the project.Basic Writing Expectations:A minimum of 750 words, not counting the title or reference pagesAt least three academic resources utilizedInclude a title page, font size 10 or 12, double spaced pagesInclude a highly developed viewpoint/thesis, purpose, and exceptional contentDemonstrate superior organization: use logicFree of grammar and spelling errorsNo evidence of plagiarism. Note: no more than 10% of your paper should be direct quotesUse APA style for all in-text citations, references, and body of paper

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The Human Genome Assignment
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