The goal of personal development

The goal of the Personal Development Paper is to analyze, in detail, your developmental trajectory – from prenatal development to your present age – by applying the concepts learned in the course, as well as significant additional research, to your personal experience with developmental and life milestones. To successfully achieve this goal, your paper must do the following:Provide a narrative of your personal experience for each of the following stages that apply to you:• Prenatal Development & Birth• Infancy & Toddlerhood• Early Childhood• Middle & Late Childhood• Adolescence• Emerging & Early Adulthood• Middle Adulthood• Late AdulthoodFor each of the stages above, your narrative should explore and analyze your personal experiences through the lens of the major theories and milestones applicable to that stage with a specific look at the functioning and influence of the following factors:• Biological • Psychology• SocioculturalYour narrative should be heavily supported with current research relevant to each stage and experience discussed with a minimum of eight scholarly, peer-reviewed psychology articles:• Link to GALILEO• Make sure that you delimit your search results to Full Text – Online and Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals using the menu on the left of your search results screen• Use APA style in-text citations and reference list• Remember to cite accounts from family members according to APA guidelines for citing personal correspondenceUse the provided Personal Development Paper template, and only submit your work as a Word attachment to the drop box. If you do not have Microsoft Word on your computer, download your free copy or use the online version, both of which are free to students (Link to free Microsoft Office download). See the rubric below for grading criteria.Personal Development Paper RubricCriteria Does not meet Marginally meets Meets or exceedsProvides a clear, chronological narrative of each of the eight developmental stages that applies based on the student’s age 0-19 20 – 35 36-40Discusses the influences and impact of biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors during each stage 0-19 20 – 35 36-40Supports personal narrative with information and research from credible sources, including a minimum of eight (8) scholarly, peer-reviewed articles 0-19 20 – 35 36-40Uses APA style in-text citations and reference list for all sources, including personal correspondence, paraphrases all information from articles with no direct quotations unless from personal correspondence 0-19 20 – 35 36-40Uses the template provided, presents the work in an organized manner with clear headings and subheadings, and submits in a Word document as an attachment to the drop box 0-19 20 – 35 36-40TOTAL 200 points

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The goal of personal development
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