The focus of this week is as follows:

The focus of this week is as follows: FOUR LITTLE GIRLS T TWO LITTLE BOYSIn August 1955, Emmett Till, a black teenager from Chicago, was visiting relatives in Mississippi when he stopped at Bryant’s Grocery and Meat Market. There he encountered Carolyn Bryant, a white woman. Whether Till really flirted with Bryant or whistled at her isn’t known. But what happened four days later is. Bryant’s husband Roy and his half brother, J.W. Milam, seized the 14-year-old from his great-uncle’s house. The pair then beat Till, shot him, and strung barbed wire and a 75-pound metal fan around his neck and dumped the lifeless body in the Tallahatchie River. A white jury quickly acquitted the men, with one juror saying it had taken so long only because they had to break to drink some pop. EMMETT WITH HIS MOTHER AS A BABYEmmett with his MotherEmmett’ Till as a youngsteryoung Emmett in CasketWhen Till’s mother Mamie came to identify her son, she told the funeral director, “Let the people see what I’ve seen.” She brought him home to Chicago and insisted on an open casket. Tens of thousands filed past Till’s remains, but it was the publication of the searing funeral image in Jet, with a stoic Mamie gazing at her murdered child’s ravaged body, that forced the world to reckon with the brutality of American racism. For almost a century, African Americans were lynched with regularity and impunity. Now, thanks to a mother’s determination to expose the barbarousness of the crime, the public could no longer pretend to ignore what they couldn’t see. In September 1955, an all-white jury found Bryant and Milam not guilty of Till’s kidnapping and murder. Protected against double jeopardy, the two men publicly admitted in a 1956 interview with Look magazine that they had killed Till.Till’s murder was seen as a catalyst for the next phase of the civil rights movement. In December 1955, the Montgomery bus boycott began in Alabama and lasted more than a year, resulting eventually in a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that segregated buses were unconstitutional. According to historians, events surrounding Emmett Till’s life and death continue to resonate. Your assignment is:Research (google etc) the killings of the children studied this week. You will find much on the 4 little girls and Emmitt Till. For the 2 little boys you can find information on,. Then write an essay inclusive of the killings of 4 little girls, the two boys and Emmitt till. Your essay may be as long as you want but no shorter than 600 words. Be sure to document your sources and include a Works Cite page with your essay. Please refer to the check list for essays that I gave you. Essay Checklist 1) YOUR ESSAY must have an original title that you create: the name of the assignment is NOT the title of the essay.2) YOUR title on the title line must NOT be in italics, must NOT be underlined, must NOT be in quotation marks. 3) YOUR ESSSAY must have indented paragraphs (NOT block style which is for business corespondence).4) YOUR ESSAY must have the 3 required parts of an essay: Introduction, development and conclusion: One long paragraph is not an essay. it must be developed as follows: a) MUST BEGIN WITH an introduction paragraph that MUST have a thesis statement UNDERLINED in the last sentence of this first introduction paragraph; (Note the thesis statement should indicate specifically what will be covered and the order in which it will be covered in the developing paragraphs. b) YOUR ESSAY must have one or more developing paragraphs. c) YOUR ESSAY must have a concluding paragraph.I’ll be sure to give you a well deserved tip for this essay. As for pages I put 2 which equals 550 but please make sure its at least 600 words. Thank you.

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The focus of this week is as follows:
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