The Alignment of Alternate Assessment Content with Academic and Functional Curricula

Journal Article Critique Guidelines** Articles must have a publish date within the last 5 years. Articles must come from a peer-reviewed educational journal. Your summary must be in paragraph format, 12 point Times New Roman, double spaced. You MUST use headings below to organize your writing. Include an APA reference of your chosen article at the end. The purpose of this assignment is to summarize an article related to the assessment of students with moderate to severe disabilities only. As you read the article, think about the following questions. These questions are not intended to lead your discussion, but may assist in your constructing an appropriate review. A. Introduction1. What is the “problem” or “issue” or “purpose” for writing the article? Describe. 2. Did the author give details describing current conditions or why suggestions for change are needed? Describe. 3. Do the authors convince you that they are addressing a socially importantproblem? Why/How? 4. Do the authors clearly identify the research questions that they will beaddressing? What are they?B. Literature Review1. Summarize previous findings/results relevant to the topic mentioned by the author from previous studies.2. What does the author offer as new information or proposed changes to current conditions?3. Who or what populations would be affected by the proposed new information or change?C. Methodology1. Summarize the Participants, Setting, Procedures, Data CollectionD. Results1. What were the results and interesting findings?2. Are there tables and figures to indicate results? Do they support the research?3. Does the data/information address the research question?4. Does the author discuss implications for practice and/or limitations of the research? Describe.E. Your Reaction1. What did you find interesting about the article?2. What are your recommendations and/or reaction to the article?

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The Alignment of Alternate Assessment Content with Academic and Functional Curricula
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