The 2 hot-topic protfolio. Read detail below:

The 2 hot-topic protfolio. Read detail below:

An important part of the course is developing your inclination to monitor the news, especially in the area of employee benefits. To encourage the habit of conducting current research (i.e., keeping one’s eyes open), it is a good idea to read about the world, national and business sections of a high-quality daily newspaper (e.g., The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Times) or accessing a news website or watching/listening to a news broadcast (Comedy channel is not considered one).

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The 2 hot-topic protfolio. Read detail below:
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A short typewritten analysis (double spaced, 200 words, with a cover page) with a reference should be submitted. At the top of your analysis, the following statement must appear: “My manager should care about this article because. . .”    In other words, your narrative should explain why the article describes an event or action that creates or affects an emerging trend in an industry or business that would be of interest to you. Articles that do not have your typewritten analysis attached will not receive credit.  

Note: Article selected for this assignment should be related to one of the topics covered in this course.


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