Technology use in special education or with students having special needs

Theme: Technology use in special education or with students having special needs must be the theme of the paper. However, any topic within the realm of special education technology is acceptable as long as it relates to persons with special needs or giftedness (i.e. Universal Design for Learning, use of electronic text for students with disabilities, multimedia presentations to address specific learning disabilities, adaptive devices, adaptation for mobility issues, Assistive Technology to support Writing or Math, etc…are appropriate topics).Points to be covered: Provide specific details for the following requisite information. Making section headings for the information requested below will aid in the review of your papers. Anytime you make it easier for the reader to find the requisite information, the better your overall results!A detailed and thorough description of the type of technology discussed in the paper. (10 pts)Specifically, what population(s) and ages of students will benefit from the technology described in the paper (students with LD, physical impairments, hearing impairments, Autism, etc.) (10 pts) Provide a thorough and detailed description, with several examples, of how the technology described above is supposed to benefit the population(s) stated. (40 pts) Discuss specifically how and where the technology may be obtained (locally available, through web resources, district or LEA Grants, Regional Educational Co-ops, State department grants, already available in local schools, etc.). (20 pts) Costs and/or Expenses (one-time outlay or on-going contracts) associated with the use of the technology (10 pts) In summary, a reflection of how you believe this technology could or should be used to aid students in Western Kentucky. (10 pts) (10 pts)TOTAL POINTS: (100 pts) Details referenced from reputable scholarly resources are most important for the first 5 sections of your paper. Opinions based on the acquired scholarly information should be stated only in the summary section.

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Technology use in special education or with students having special needs
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