Team PowerPoint Project

Your CEO has tasked your team to prepare a narrated PowerPoint presentation on implementing virtual, multicultural, geographically distributed teams in your organization. This report will be presented to the board of directors, and your team needs to work together to produce the report quickly and efficiently. Your team’s presentation should span 12 to 15 slides (excluding introduction and reference slides), include a 25- to 30-minute narration. The notes for each slide must be included in the space below the slide to which the notes refer, with proper APA citations as appropriate (on the slide and in the notes). A reference list in APA format is required. Your first task is to select an organization to work with, and you should choose from among the organizations you and your team members reported on for the organizational analysis. Once you’ve selected an organization, you can move on to researching and creating the presentation.Your team is expected to identify necessary facts about their chosen organization for the project and to integrate relevant MBA concepts and course materials with those facts. Throughout the project, your team should demonstrate a deep understanding of both your organization and the MBA concepts and course materials.The presentation should research and make recommendations about the following:team typeteam principles and guidelinesteam sizeONLY 3 SLIDES. 1 SLIDE PER TOPIC. Meaning, team type(1 slide and in note). team principles and guidelines (1 slides and in note) and team size(1 slide and in note). One slide for source.

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Team PowerPoint Project
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