Lesson 13 Discussion.
After reviewing the information about termination, please consider the following questions for this discussion post:
· What does a Social Worker need to be aware of when it comes time for termination with a client?
· What would be some of the benefits/challenges to the different types of termination (forced, planned, and unanticipated)?
To receive full credit, you will need to post one substantial post. Each discussion post should be a minimum of 250 words or one page.
Termination of the Social Worker-Client Relationship https://nlcsw.ca/sites/default/files/inline-files/Termination%20of%20the%20Social-Worker%20Client%20Relationship_1.pdf
The Importance of Closure https://www.socialworker.com/feature-articles/practice/The_Importance_of_Closure/
Challenging Endings: https://www.bu.edu/ssw/files/2017/07/Gelman-et-al-Challenging-Endings-First-Year-MSW-Interns-Experiences-with-forced-termination-and-discussion-points-for-supervisory-guidance.pdf

Samantha is a 30-year-old, Hispanic female who has just lost custody of her two children (ages 3, 5). Child Protective Services (CPS) became involved after a neighbor reported concerns of neglect and substance use by Samantha. Samantha confirmed regular use of methamphetamine though reported wanting to get help for her children. CPS also found that there was limited food in the home and other safety concerns.  The neighbors also reported the children were often outside for extended periods of time without supervision. The children have temporarily been placed in a foster home.
Using the above vignette, please submit in one-page discussing the following:
· How would you decide when it is time to mention termination to this client?
· How would you as the Social Worker go about introducing termination to this client?
· What would be some challenges you may experience in the termination process with this client?
This should be approx. one page and include high-quality writing. Please include a title page and double-check all spelling and grammar prior to submitting. Also, please make sure to cite all relevant information and include references as appropriate.

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Lesson 14 Discussion.
Please review the readings and consider the following in your response:
· Please share your thoughts about telemental health after reviewing these articles.
· What are some of the benefits and challenges of telemental health?
To receive full credit, you will need to post one substantial post. Each discussion post should be a minimum of 250 words or one page.
Readings Resources:
Telemental Health: Legal Considerations for Social Workers: https://www.socialworkers.org/About/Legal/HIPAA-Help-For-Social-Workers/Telemental-Health
The Continued Growth of Telemental Health; https://www.socialworktoday.com/archive/MA18p18.shtml


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