SWK103- Social Work and Deviant Behavior

Lesson 15 Discussion.
Name the two theories you have chosen for your final work (no minimum length, simply write the two theories you chose). You are not required to complete any responses to this post. (200 words)
Conclusion of the textbook

Lesson 16 Assignment  
· Choose two major theories of deviance. They can be theories we covered within this course, or you may choose a theory that was not presented (there are many).
· Complete this writing covering both theories – present the histories, main ideas, examples of how they explain deviant behaviors, etc.
· Compare and contrast the two theories.
· Create your own example of deviance and apply both theories to your example. 
· Using your example, identify which social work interventions you could use to help the person in need.
The Length of expectation is 6 pages excluding cover page, abstract and reference page(if you are covering all topics in the directions, you should have no issues meeting this minimum requirement). APA format is required. Please use headings through out your work so that each required section is easily identified.

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SWK103- Social Work and Deviant Behavior
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