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For your research paper, investigate policies and proposals related to your career field. What is your career field? What laws or policies have a direct impact on employees in your field or on how your field is practiced? Are any of the current policies under review for change? If not, should they be? Why or why not?

Of course, the first task is to narrow your topic. Career fields are broad and it would be impossible to do a thorough investigation of all policies affecting them. I’m in higher education, for example. For this essay, I would have to select one issue related to higher education—financial aid, entry exams, retention, recruitment, or policies concerning student safety. Once I have selected an issue, I would have to identify a policy or law to investigate. For example, I might want to investigate the new campus carry gun law that went into effect a couple of years ago.

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Spend a couple of hours brainstorming a research topic. After you have decided on a topic, identify the following:

General topic (career field)

Narrowed topic (issue related to field)

Issue (policy or law affecting issue)

Research questions (What questions are going to guide your investigation of the policy?)

Here’s an example of what I want:

General topic—higher education

Narrowed topic—campus safety

Issue—the campus carry law in Texas

Research questions—What does the law actually allow? How are universities interpreting the law? What measures are they taking to ensure that the law is followed and that student and faculty safety is maintained? What do students and faculty at UHV feel about the campus carry law? What or who motivated the politicians to pass it? What are the current candidates’ positions on the law and their reasons for supporting or opposing it?


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