Summative Assessment: Online Interactions

Online interactions pose a threat to all servers. We expose ourselves to these threats while using social networking, web browsing, and email. Here’s where you can test your risk mitigation skills. Playbooks typically cover a section related to threats and defenses of online interactions. 
Create your second playbook in Microsoft Word or Word Compatible, where you outline steps to take when an employee reports clicking on a website that appeared in an email. 
Separate playbook and needs to have a cover page and references.
Include the following information in this section of your playbook: 

Description of 2 threats this interaction presents to the company 
List of step-by-step instructions on how to mitigate each interaction 

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Summative Assessment: Online Interactions
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Remember, numbered or bulleted steps or guidelines make the document easy for others to follow under potential stressful situations. Paragraphs can be used to help support the steps or guidelines. 
Cite at least 2 resources to support your assignment. 
Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. 


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