(MAIN) (sex, grades and power..)

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All complete a summary of Sex for Grades in detail. This will later be sent to the entire class before hand. Due Monday-

**PLAN**We can start off with each of us stating some responses that the victims say . While one of us passes around papers with A’s and F’s ( the male students get A’s, and females get F’s). Then we can go into the skit of a female student who goes up to a professor and asks why her grade is an F’, though she worked hard on the assignment and thinks she deserves better. Then we can do a second part, on what  happens in Nigeria.  And have a convo with the audience about what  you would do if you were in the situation and other questions. 

Research Cluster Question Ideas :

  • 1.How are women expected to equalize themselves to men with the pressure of sexual abuse?
  • 2.How is sex being used against Nigerian women to control their future prosperity?
  • 3.Women in Nigeria cannot flourish educationally due to the presence of sexual manipulation, what in their society allows this type of abuse to occur?


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