Summarize the text using your own words (80-100 words)

These days, it can be difficult to get a good job when you leave university. Many more students are studying for degrees, so the job market is very competitive. Some people believe that it is better to take a second degree if you cannot secure suitable employment. Nevertheless, I tend to think it depends on your circumstances.
The first consideration is finance. Universities charge high fees for their courses, and in some countries it can cost up to £25,000 to do a first degree. Although some students are fortunate in that their parents can fund their studies, many others have to borrow the money and then repay it when they start working. In my view, it is not a good idea to recommend that these students continue this situation, particularly if they have no real desire to study further.
I think we now have to accept that there are not always enough jobs to go round. So the second consideration is that it might be better to be patient, start the bottom and work your way up the career ladder. This is what my father did, and it definitely gave him a fuller understanding of his chosen field. 
On the other hand, a second degree may be a natural progression for students who wish to enter a certain profession or to pursue a research based career. If they can afford the course without getting into debt, it may be advisable for them to carry on with their studies, especially in the current economic climate.
Ultimately, the decision may be a difficult one. However, I feel that those who do not really to continue studying or cannot afford it should not be encouraged to do so. Unless you had already planned to do a postgraduate course, it could turn out to be much better if you start working. whatever the status or salary.

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Summarize the text using your own words (80-100 words)
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