Subject – InfoTech In A Global Economy -PHD

1. Chapter 13, “Management of Complex Systems: Toward Agent-Based Gaming for Policy”

    2. Chapter 15, “Visual Decision Support for Policy Making: Advancing Policy Analysis with Visualization “

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Subject – InfoTech In A Global Economy -PHD
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: Complex Systems and Visual Decision Support

Chapter 13 discussed managing complex systems and chapter 15 introduced the advantages of visual decision support. Discuss how you would combine the two concepts to create visualizations for an ABM-Based Gaming simulation for policy making. 

1. First, describe what specific policy you’re trying to create. Let’s stick with the Smart City scenario. Describe a specific policy (that you haven’t used before), and how you plan to use ABM-Based Gaming to build a model for simulate the effects of the policy. 

2. Then, describe what type of visualization technique you’ll use to make the model more accessible. Use figure 15.9 in the text and describe what data a new column for your policy would contain.

Note – Need 2 pages , should not include reference in same page  


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