Structured Literacy and Meaningful Support

Structured literacy is a recognized technique for teaching children with disabilities. Think about the chapters you have read for this unit, as well as your classroom observation. Pick a specific disability from the list provided and respond to the discussion questions below.

Phonological dyslexia.
Surface dyslexia.
Visual dyslexia secondary/developmental dyslexia.
Rapid automatic naming dyslexia.
Double deficit dyslexia.
Primary dyslexia.
Trauma dyslexia/acquired dyslexia.

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Structured Literacy and Meaningful Support
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Respond to the following:

Define characteristics of children with the disability you chose.
Assess the implications of the structured literacy approach for students with this disability.
Discuss at least two evidence-based instructional strategies that would be appropriate for students who show characteristics of this disability.
Indicate the recommended frequency and the instructional intensity required for effectiveness along with the duration of time needed for each selected strategy.
Assess how support personnel can help the classroom teacher provide a meaningful and relevant learning environment for a student with this disability.


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