Strategy for health systems strengthening of your country

Final Paper ∙ The final submission will be a grant proposal that you will write to present a strategy for health systems strengthening of your country. You can address your proposal to any international funding agency (GFATM, USAID, DFID, SIDA, GTZ, World Bank, or other). Please make sure to address at least two of the HS building blocks areas. You need to base your proposal analysis and recommendation on at least two to three other countries’ best practices and your thinking/reflection/out-of-the-box idea that is backed by data. ∙ You will write the grant proposal as a Minister of Health of the proposal, you need to do a good literature review of best practices in other countries/regions. ∙ Through your research and writing of the grant proposal final paper you will paint a complete picture and assess the functions, capacities, management and 40% 4 PUBH 6442 Fall/2021 Frehywot On-line Graduate Course governance of governmental, international and non-state organizations that comprise health systems of your chosen Low-and-Middle Income Country (LMIC). ∙ The recommendations for the grant proposal should examine how to translate scientific and program evidence (from your bench mark countries) to inform the development of public health programs and policies within the context of your chosen country’s health system. ∙ A detailed grading rubric for the group presentation will be posted on the class wall before Session 2. ∙ Papers should be 15 pages ( minimum page limit 14 pages) in length (double spaced, 12” Font 1” margin) ∙ All factual data should be cited in the text and referenced in the bibliography. Please make sure you cite the original source. (The lectures do not count as original sources). ∙ Students may not cut/paste tables from other publications; they should create tables using data from properly referenced sources. However, published charts may be used as long as the source is documented.RubricFinal Paper Grading Rubric Paper Details Points (40) Papers should be 15 pages (double spaced, 12” Font 1” margin) in length and not less than 14 pages 2 Use uniformly standard citation style guide of your choice (Harvard, Chicago or AMA) for all in-text end references, tables and charts. 3 Absolutely no typos or grammar mistakes For this unlimited amount can be taken off The paper’s quantitative as well as qualitative data/information are cited (this point addresses the issue of plagiarism). – Use a minimum of 10 citations IMPORTANT: (More than 10 points will be deducted if plagiarism is suspected. In this case the paper grade will be “F”) 6 Final papers should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format on 2U. 1 Cover Page – Has a title – Mentions you as a Minister of Health of your chosen country 1 Outline Page 1 Acronym page 1 Abstract/Executive Summary ( Not more than 1 page) – Mentions the two building block of the Health System addressed – Mentions the two countries programs that are benched marked – Concisely details the 3-4 recommendations 4 – Mentions the amount of money asked. Background/Introduction 2 Body of the paper (Please substitute this heading per your topic area) – Status of the 2 Health system building blocks that you want to address in your chosen country – Benchmarking 2 countries for best practices in the area that you want to improve in your country – Section is organized under well thought-out subheadings 8 Evaluation – How you plan to evaluate the program you will be implementing 2 Recommendation – Consists of 3-4 recommendations – Each recommendation is first mentioned by using one sentence ( in bold lettering) followed by a description of the recommendation – For each recommendations write a sub heading of “pros” and “cons” and write detailed description for the pros and cons 8 Conclusion – About 5 sentences – Make sure to mention the amount that you are asking also here.

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Strategy for health systems strengthening of your country
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