Strategic Planning and Sustainability- Loreal Case Study

The organisation which I have chosen is Loreal Group. There should be enough publicly available information to be able to research and analyse the internal and external environment of this organisation. I have provided the recommended format for this case study in the attachment titled “Assessment Task Case Study”. I have included the course notes (titled “lecture notes to be used”) as well as the supplementary readings for each week to use as possible references in addition to external research references. I have uploaded these under “articles to be used” however, please use your discretion as to the relevance of each in relation to the assessment task.References- minimum of 10 scholarly articles in addition to any course material referenced (this includes the articles I have uploaded).Please ensure to keep within the word limit (2500 words), to use APA 6th and also to use Australian spelling through out. Feel free to reach out with any questions or if you require further clarification on the task.Thanks,Yoyo

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Strategic Planning and Sustainability- Loreal Case Study
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