You can choose one of the two options – read the details below and on the handout.
OPTION ONE – Imagine you have designed a new phone app and are pitching it to a tech company, like Don Draper on “Mad Men”.  Your storyboards will demonstrate why someone needs your app, how the app fixes their problem, and how it makes the person’s life better. How would you pitch the app? Use storyboards to explain how it works and why you need it.  The storyboard illustration is small and hard to read, so here are what the accompanying descriptions say:
#1: Bob is in a hurry, his refrigerator is almost empty. He can’t think what to make himself to eat.
#2:  Bob enters the foods that he does have into the application.
#3:  The application recommends a few meals that can be prepared from his ingredients, and their preparation times.
#4:  The application lets him know of a nearby store where he can get a necessary ingredient fro an especially tasty meal.
#5:  Bob is able to learn a new recipe that is fast and healthy.
Draw boards that illustrate what the app does once installed on your phone.  What does the first page look like?  What happens when you click it (think about Registration Screen, Profile Setup Screen, how to use the app, etc.). How does it work for the customer?  Look at the examples.
EXTRA CREDIT OPTION – Do both for up to 10 pts extra credit!
Minimum of 6 frames – as before, inked, colored, mounted on  black art board, photo/scanned,  product name and your name on the art board, OR assemble with PowerPoint, and upload.

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