Stimulate thinking about issues, questions, and problems

you are required to write a commentary based on the readings for that week. The purpose of this task is to stimulate thinking about issues, questions, and problemsraised by your study of the assigned readings. You will be making and defending claims. Please summarize and cite all of the main points from all of the articles in the summary. (no more than 100 words for summary)use and cite articles provided because these are the weekly readingsIncluded in your submission should be:1. A brief summary of the key points brought up for you in the readings (firstparagraph),and then:2. Three separate theses/claims with a supporting argument for each (in threeparagraphs).3Your claims might involve theoretical issues, concerns about the conclusions that the authors drew in light of evidence from other sources, or broader implications of the readings. (Issues of methodology are not normally useful.) Obviously, simply listing three points will not suffice!Instead, we are looking for well-reasoned and supported arguments. 600 words limit

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Stimulate thinking about issues, questions, and problems
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