Select an industry, company, or product that you think uses (or should use) the normal distribution to aid in the design or marketing of a product. Do some research on the industry, company, or product if needed.
Identify the industry, company, or product you selected and then discuss the following in your initial response.

Evaluate if using the normal distribution would be advantageous for the company.
What are some ethical ramifications of designing products using information based on the normal distribution?

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Suggestion (example, do not use this):
A company produces a laptop whose life (without any breakdown) has a normal distribution with mean equal to 60 months and standard deviation equal to 15 months.The company wants to advertise full replacement for each unit experiencing any breakdown within the first three years. 
Find the percent of units that the company would expect tor replace
Do you think that the use of the normal distribution for calculating probabilities would be advantageous for the Company?



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