i need a part one spreadsheet and a part 2Excel Spreadsheet Project InstructionsThe Excel Spreadsheet Project is a computer project designed to help you develop spreadsheet skills. You will prepare consolidated worksheets using formulas that illustrate the consolidation entries needed when the parent uses the equity method, partial equity method, or initial value method of accounting for its investment in a subsidiary. The detailed information for this project is found at the end of Chapter 3 under the heading of “Excel Spreadsheet Project.”You are to create an Excel workbook with 4 tabs as follows:Tab 1 – Consolidated Information WorksheetTab 2 – Equity MethodTab 3 – Partial Equity MethodTab 4 – Initial Value MethodThis assignment encompasses the first 3 project requirements as listed in the Computer Project within the textbook.Hint: The consolidated worksheets that you are preparing are not for the year of acquisition, but for the succeeding year. Therefore, when determining the beginning parent company retained earnings and Investment account balances for the year in question under the initial value and partial equity methods, remember that those balances will be converted to the equity method as of the beginning of the year in the consolidated worksheet via the *C entry. The beginning retained earnings and investment account balances based on parent company records will differ under each of the three methods. The difference will be reflected in the *C entry.While the Excel Spreadsheet Project is an individual project, you may collaborate with the members of your Group Discussion Board group, assisting one another with questions, problems, and ideas.You will complete the Excel Spreadsheet Project in 2 parts. For Part 1, you must complete Tab 1 with the fair value allocation schedule. Then you will begin Tabs 2–4, completing trial balances for Pecos and Suaro. Excel Spreadsheet Project Part 1 encompasses the first 2 project requirements stated in the textbook.For Part 2, you must complete all remaining information for Tabs 2–4. Excel Spreadsheet Project Part 2 encompasses the third project requirement stated in the textbook.

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