Sport And Health

In previous chapters and on previous assignments you have explored the utility of a pre-participation screening tool for an encounter with the general population. In that exercise you could count of the statistical prevalence of certain conditions (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc….). For the following assignment you will build upon your experience in crafting a tool to help in the prescription of goal oriented exercise. The information provided in the document offers you specific detail regarding the client’s goals. It is your job to develop an instrument (questionnaire, checklist, combination of the two or other techniques) that will not only assist you in developing an exercise program, but also frame the progression (the P in FITT-VP) for the client to understand the thoughtful guidance you are providing. I strongly suggest you use the course text as the base platform to build this tool and other sources to refine the instrument to encompass as much information as you can regarding the client and the performance goals you recommend for this person

Assignment: Develop a Fitness Assessment Instrument for an individual interested in climbing the nine highest summits within their respective global regions over a two-year period.  

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Sport And Health
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 This person is: Name: Amelia Earthheart Sex: Female Age: 28 yrs. old Height: 1.75 meters Weight: 67 kilograms VO2max: 67 mL/(kg·min) 

   Denali – 6194 meters (North America) Mont Blanc – 4810 meters (Europe) Elbrus – 5643 meters (Middle East) Everest – 8848 meters (Asia) Puncak Jaya – 4884 meters (Pacific) Kosciuszko – 2228 meters (Austrailia) Kilimanjaro – 5895 meters (Africa) Aconcagua – 6961 meters (South America) Vinson – 4892 meters (Antarctica)     Considerations: What question(s) would you ask her?  What consideration(s) should you keep in mind for a person with a goal such as this?  What type of training protocol would you recommend? 

 Use the ‘Example ‘ paper as a guideline to how you would format your paper and references.  


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