South University NSG 5003 Final Exam 2 (191 questions)

Question 1
It is important to not dilate the eye if ____ is suspected.
A. Cataract
B. Macular degeneration
C. Acute closed-angle glaucoma
D. Chronic open-angle glaucoma 
Question 2
An 18-year-old female patient presents with repeated urinary tract infections. She has no risk factors in her history, and her physical examination is unremarkable. She also has a normal pelvic exam. Which of the following should be obtained if anatomic abnormalities are suspected?
A. Intravenous pyelogram
B. Ultrasound of the kidneys
C. Cystoscopy
D. Transvaginal ultrasound of the bladder
Question 3
The pathophysiological hallmark of ACD is:
A. Depleted iron stores
B. Impaired ability to use iron stores
C. Chronic uncorrectable bleeding
D. Reduced intestinal absorption of iron
Question 4
Which of the following is the most important question to ask during cardiovascular health history?
A. Number of offspring
B. Last physical examination
C. Sudden death of a family member
D. Use of caffeine
Question 5
A 26-year-old, non-smoker, male presented to your clinic with SOB with exertion. This could be due to:
A. Exercise-induced cough
B. Bronchiectasis
C. Alpha-1 deficiency
D. Pericarditis

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South University NSG 5003 Final Exam 2 (191 questions)
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