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The Curse of Knowledge  (Annotated Bibliography or Literature Review)   

use proper Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting – this means one-inch margins on all sides and twelve point Times New Roman font

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sof 3
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Requirements (page numbers are from the Norton Field Guide):

dry, not-cutesy, immediately informative/explanatory title that includes the genre
at least a one-paragraph statement of scope/purpose (explained p.193), ending with a concession (concession example mid-p. 191)
an alphabetized  MLA-style”Works Cited”  list consisting of 8 appropriate sources (explained p. 194-195)
and for each listed source, of course, a complete “Works Cited entry”–provide the MLA bibliographic information, but followed immediately by relevant commentary of around at least 85-100 words that is stylistically consistent from entry to entry 
each commentary may be mostly summary/description (p.196) and perhaps offer at least one evaluative statement at the end (explained bottom of p.193, top of p.194, and p.196)

No submission with a botched “Works Cited entry” will receive a grade higher than the highest C-plus. 


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