Find a newspaper, blog entry, or magazine article that discusses a topic related to our course.  The article must be published on or after January 1, 2020. 
Write a short summary of the article (3-5 sentences maximum).  Then, explain how it relates to a specific course concept we have discussed in class. (A course concept may be a vocabulary word, a theory, or even a research method or study results.)  Your response should define the term and provide a detailed analysis of how the term, theory, or concept can help readers understand the article’s social and historical context. (This part should be 2-3 paragraphs long and the main focus of your response.)
Your response should be 200-400 words total.
In your response, include a citation for the article.  If the article is available online, include the URL/hyperlink to the article in your citation.
This response is worth up to 15 points, and will be evaluated based on your understanding of the article and the course contents, your grammar/spelling, and proper use of citations. 
Choose a film, TV series, or novel that you enjoy, and apply your sociological imagination.  Use some course term, theory, or concept to analyze some aspect of the society depicted.  You should watch (or rewatch) the film, read the entire novel, or watch at least 3 episodes of the TV show.  Then, you’ll write 200-400 words that connect the film or novel to a key theme or concept we’ve discussed in class.  Be sure to focus on sociological analysis, NOT plot summary; use summary and examples only to help highlight how the film reflects the sociological concepts you are describing.  Be as specific as possible with your evidence/examples to receive full credit.
Upload your response as an attachment.

Your response should also:

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Include a title that indicates both the sociological concept and the fictional piece you are analyzing.  Examples: “Gender in The Godfather.”  “Deviance in The Wolf of Wall Street.” “Applying Conflict Theory to Beauty and the Beast.”
Be “second draft” quality.  Do a basic review for grammar/spelling, but the tone can be informal.
Include a bibliography at the bottom.  You should have a bibliography entry for the film or novel.  If you directly quote the textbook or another source, include an entry for that source, too.



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