SOC 300 Week 11 Final Exam Part 2/SOC 300 Week 11 Final Exam Part 2

1. Why did Maria move to Rocinha?
She wanted to own multiple properties and rent some out, which was impossible back home.
She wanted to be a waitress rather than work in the fields.
There were no jobs at home and her brother seemed to be doing well in Rocinha.
She wanted to get away from her brother
2. How does Eric Obuh see scavenging work in the Lagos dump? Choose the BEST answer.
as a sad existence
as a stark indicator of his Nigerian poverty
as normal as an office job
as an opportunity to fund his dreams
3. How does the author characterize government and NGO attempts to interact with the favelas?
as disgraceful intrusions
as negligible toe-dipping
as top-down affairs
as community-empowered initiatives
4. Which of the following do the “bailes” in Rocinha BEST represent?
the state of capitalism in Brazil
the difficulty of favela life
the communal aspect of Rocinha life
the hollowness of partying
5. According to the author’s account, which of the following statements about Rocinha is true?
It is very difficult to make an honest living in Rocinha.
Everyone in Rocinha is desperately poor.
Life in Rocinha is sleepy and slow.
Rocinha began as an illegal squatter community.

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