SOC 3.1

The purpose of this assignment is for you to prepare  detailed outline of your final. This week you will begin to prepare for your final. Your topic could be the treatment of certain illnesses, specific policies about health conditions, healthcare legislation, medical practice issues, etc. Please ask your instructor in advance if you are not sure if your topic is appropriate. The final brief will consist of four parts:

current scholarly on the topic
current policies related to the issue
the role of culture, politics, and social inequalities in the issue
evidence-based suggestions for future policies and practices related to the issue

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SOC 3.1
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For this detailed outline and bibliography, outline the first three sections of your final (current scholarly, current related policies, and the roles of culture, politics, and social inequalities) using full sentences instead of just topics and including the references you plan to use in each section outlined. At the end of the outline you should have a reference list with at least five scholarly references you will use for the final, with a short description after each reference describing the main finding or point of the article and how it applies to your policy brief. You may wish to draw on the wiki you and your classmates created in 


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