Signature Assignment

Length: 6-7 pages (cover page, reference list and appendices do not count toward the minimum paper length)
Due: Wednesday Midnight of Week 8
Value: 250 points for 25% of the total course grade
Delivery: APA Paper Submission in Turnitin
ILO: ILO #1 Applied Learning (Practice + Mastery)
PLOs: PLO#1 Communication (Practice), PLO#2 Ethics (Introduce) 
CLOs: CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO 3, CLO 4
This signature assignment fulfills the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Institutional Learning Outcome #1 Applied Learning: Design a project, paper, performance, or other appropriate task linking knowledge skills from work, experiential learning or community activities with knowledge acquired in academic disciplines. 
business law

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Signature Assignment
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