Should 4 Day work weeks become the new norm

Instructions:Consider the following: Ensure that your topic has at least two (2) distinct, arguable sides/positions/perspectives. Make sure that your argument is not centered on a belief system (religion) or personal bias (prejudice). Who cares most about this issue?How could you appeal especially to them in your research paper? Think about your plans for the type of argument you want to make (i.e., think about your own rhetorical situation and the assertions you will make, and the reasoning you will use).Think about the support you anticipate using.How might you use the appeals?Where will you start your research? What will your evidence be?Why is this issue important to you or society?Why will it be worthwhile for you to research your topic?What will you learn? Your essay should include the following parts:Introduction: This is where you tell your readers what the essay is about. It may be necessary to define your topic, give a brief history of the issue, or relate an interesting story. This is also where you need to make sure that you capture readers’ attention.Thesis: this is where you establish your claim (What are you trying to prove in this paper?). Make sure that your thesis statement is specific, arguable, and supportable. Your thesis could include a brief outline of your whole paper (think “points”) and should occur within the intro.Body: Each paragraph in the body of your paper needs to have a main point that you can support with specific evidence and that supports your thesis clearly.Support your main points through a close analysis of at least eight (8) sources. To support your assertions and reasoning, you will need to use evidence and quote or paraphrase from the texts and cite your sources.Make sure to acknowledge the counterargument in some way: by conceding to and/or refuting some points from that side.Also, make sure to avoid any fallacious arguments.Conclusion: this is where you round up your essay: briefly restate what your essay was about, what you think the ultimate outcome of your issue will be on society or the future directions for this issue, etc.Works Cited Page: This essay must include a works cited page in which you list the correct MLA citations for each of the sources you use in your essay. Also, remember to have corresponding in-text citations for all of the sources on your works cited page. Other sources may be obtained as long as it is relevant to discussion.

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Should 4 Day work weeks become the new norm
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