Should 4 day work weeks become the new norm

Instructions:You will need to have a detailed plan for your researched argument (4-5 pages) essay. Within this outline, you need to provide your introduction and thesis, and provide a summary of what you envision each point you will make to be. In one document, complete these two parts of the assignment:Part A – Create what will become the opening of your paper:Begin with your name, the name of the course, the name of the instructor, and the due date in the upper left-hand corner of your paper.Center a title before your first paragraph.Short titles for research papers are usually a bad sign that you don’t have a defined and focused topic.Be specific in your title and use enough detail so that the title really tells the reader what the research paper is about.Make it a title about the thesis.Write an introduction paragraph with an underlined thesis.Part B – Create an outline:Outline the main points of the rest of your paper after the introduction.Each of these must be a complete sentence, not just phrases.You should have at least four (4) main points for your final essayThese main points will become your topic sentences in your research paper.The main points you write should be clear sentences that elaborate on your thesis and reconnect to your thesis statement directly. Provide a bulleted list of specific evidence under each of your points.I will provide the previous articles and Works cited references and also the completed annotated bibliography that the previous writer wrote from my last order to reference as well for the outline of the same topic

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Should 4 day work weeks become the new norm
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