short response

The reaction of politicians to the execution of 13 Turkish citizens by the PKK terrorist group (Links to an external site.) demonstrates the challenges Turkey faces in its counterterrorism efforts. Political parties and their representatives should be expected to respond differently to an act of terrorism, as Turkey has been fighting some of the world’s most sinister organizations – including the PKK, Daesh and the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) – simultaneously for the last six years.
Fighting terrorism is a question of national interest, on which the government and the opposition are supposed to agree. The argument goes that there is a very thick line between subjecting anti-terrorism policies to democratic scrutiny and undermining the nation’s efforts. What do you think? See what you can find in the literature about counterterrorism efforts and contested domestic politics.  
Your response which represents a synthesis of your opinion and the insights from the source you found will be around 350-500 words in length.
Note: Your response will have to be informed by a second short article that you will find and read on your own. You have to pick a second source from a list of open-sources journals provided below.
find your second source from a list of open-sources journals provided below.
Combating Terrorism Exchange (CTX) (Links to an external site.)
Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses (CTTA) (Links to an external site.)
Journal for Deradicalization (JD) (Links to an external site.)
Journal of 9/11 Studies (Links to an external site.)
Journal of Counter Terrorism & Homeland Security International, (Links to an external site.)
Journal of Terrorism & Cyber Insurance, The (JTCI) (Links to an external site.)
Journal on Terrorism and Security Analysis, The (JTSA) (Links to an external site.)
Perspectives on Terrorism (PT) (Links to an external site.)
PRISM (Links to an external site.)
Terrorism: An Electronic Journal and Knowledge Base (Links to an external site.)
Terrorism Monitor (TM)

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