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We’ve been looking at the different ways CSS can be applied to a Website to create unique appearances. For this thread, we’ll take a step back from thinking about your projects and look at a fictitious company. QVR Tours is a small, family-owned travel shop that specializes in custom tours throughout North and South America. While the current site has a cohesive design for its overall look, the owners would like to spruce things up for some of their more popular tours. They would also like the forms for information about these tours to reflect the theme of the tour.
For this thread, select two of the tours listed and develop a style sheet for each tour including the information request form.
Popular Tours:

Southwest Canyons and Mountains
Lost Treasures of the Aztecs
Industrialized New England
Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest
Redwoods: Ancient Trees

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You might want to take a look at CSS Zen Garden for inspiration and to see how simply changing your style sheet can change a site completely.


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