Seizing Business Opportunities

Seizing Business Opportunities

Part 1

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Seizing Business Opportunities
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Respond to the following three questions in a minimum of 175 words each question

1. Explain. Entrepreneurship has many advantages including making a difference in the world and contributing to society. (175 words)

2. The competitive advantages of a small business. (175 words)

3. How do these advantages apply to a business of your choice? (Electrical Contractor Services) (175 words)

Part 2

Small Business Research

Select a small business in your town or one with which you are familiar. (Electrical Contractor Services)

Write a 1,050-word paper that describes the small business that you selected and answer the following questions:

· What type of small business is it?

· What is its business structure?

· How long has it been established?

· What makes this business successful?

· What challenges has this business experienced in terms of competition and/or customer communication?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Cite a minimum of three sources.


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