SE492 week 9 Di

  When responding to classmates please MENTION THEIR NAME.
Please take a few minutes and check the discussion board  to respond to peer OR my comments/queries,
Comments to 2 classmates must be of substance; not just “I agree” or “Good Post.” The purpose of the responses is to convert the discussion forum into a quality learning environment through which you improve your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.
Discussion Topic
Chapter 10
1. Describe why a project manager needs good verbal and written communication skills.
2. What is meant by the term interpersonal skills? Give some examples of interpersonal skills and explain why they are important.
ü  Students should avoid using phrases like, “In my opinion,” or “I think,” or “I believe.” To support your response post to the weekly discussion question
students are required to provide at least one supporting reference.

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SE492 week 9 Di
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