SCTECH ECCE1105 Final Exam Latest/SCTECH ECCE1105 Final Exam Latest

To date, the most effective measure found to reduce the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is:
               1.            positioning babies on their backs to sleep
               2.            the early administration of antibiotics
               3.            placing babies on their stomachs when sleeping
               4.            dressing babies in warmer clothing
Teachers should eat meals with children so they are able to:
               1.            serve the children’s plates
               2.            correct the children’s table manners
               3.            clean up spills
               4.            act as role models for appropriate eating behaviors
In a toddler-teacher relationship, it is the child’s responsibility to decide:
               1.            how much food will be eaten and the type of foods to be served
               2.            which of the available foods and the quantity of each will be eaten
               3.            what foods will be served
               4.            how much food will be eaten
               5.            which of the foods offered will be eaten
Infant formulas are manufactured so they are:
               1.            high in protein
               2.            similar to breast milk
               3.            high in minerals and vitamins
               4.            low in sugar
Large pieces of outdoor play equipment should:
               1.            only be made available to older children
               2.            ideally be placed on a hard surface, such as cement or asphalt
               3.            not be included on playgrounds because they are unsafe
               4.            be firmly anchored in the ground

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