SCI 256 Week 5 Final Examination Exam/SCI 256 Week 5 Final Examination Exam

 1) Which of the following is not a renewable resource?
A) the sun beating down on a rain forest
B) plants, such as bamboo and rice, growing in moist environments
C) oil reserves, buried deep below the surface of the ground
D) water flowing through a dam
2) Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring showed that
A) pesticides like DDT were ineffective in killing crop pests.
B) scientific expertise can help shape positive environmental policies.
C) industries producing harmful chemicals welcomed scientific evaluation of their environmental impact.
D) biodiversity could be increased with cautious use of DDT.
3) The current global human population in 2012 is more than
A) 10 billion and is increasing at an annual rate of 5%.
B) 2.2 billion and is no longer growing.
C) 7.1 billion and is growing at a rate of 1.2%.
D) 13 billion and is decreasing at a rate of 3% in developing nations.
4) Biomes characterize regions with similar types of
A) vegetation and climatic conditions.
B) animals and plants.
C) soil, water systems, and animals.


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SCI 256 Week 5 Final Examination Exam/SCI 256 Week 5 Final Examination Exam
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