For this scenario, please use Bob
You are both working on project Kappa, an upgrade of your company’s  customer relationship management (CRM) system. The project requirements  include adding a software module that allows the CRM to be accessed from  smartphones and wearables. Bob is responsible for implementing the  software module. Sue is tasked with verifying the security and data  integrity of the software module. Bob has completed his work, but Sue  has been unable to start her work because of commitments to other  projects. Bob has accused Sue of purposefully stalling the project and  wants to continue without Sue’s tests and verification, relying on the  security claims of the CRM vendor.
Bob and Sue agree to meet to discuss the issue. Bob and Sue have not  worked together previously but will be working on future projects  together.
From the perspective of the role you took in the scenario (Sue or  Bob), apply Blake and Mouton’s six conflict management strategies  (confrontation, compromise, smoothing, withdrawal, forcing, and  collaboration) to resolve the issue by examining the appropriateness of  each mode to resolve the conflict. Use the factors of relationship  importance and task importance in your analysis to provide a resolution  to the issue. Be creative in your interpretation of the scenario and  your analysis.
Assignment Requirements
Structure your paper using the following section headings:


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Describes six conflict resolution approaches.
● Applies six conflict resolution approaches to the scenario.
● Analyzes the relationship and task importance of six conflict resolution approaches.
● Recommends a conflict resolution approach. 



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