Visit and answer the following questions:
1. Review the Types of Sanctions and Designing Sanctions section of the app about sanctions and answer the following:

What are the most common objectives of UN sanctions? ____
What is the most common type of sanction? ___
What is the average time it takes to implement sanctions after noting a threat? ___
How often are sanctions effective in getting states to change their behavior?  ____
How often do sanctions have unintended consequences ________? What is the most common of these ________?

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2. Review the Sanctions Checklist: Core elements: Targets section in the Designing Sanctions section of the App:

What are 3 examples of targets for sanctions?
What are 3 ways that countries try to evade sanctions?

3. Choose two cases from “Cases and Episodes”. Find out why sanctions were imposed, what the sanctions were and what the effect was and summarize your findings.
4. Based on what you’ve read, did anything surprise you? How do you evaluate the usefulness of sanctions as a tool of foreign policy?


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