Salmonella Case Study (4 questions, info provided)

Instructions from my Professor: Browse through the websites below to learn more about Salmonella:CDC-,illness%20lasts%202%E2%80%937%20days.Carefully read the attached case study and answer the questions embedded in the document.Expectations: Your paper should be between 2 pages (double-spaced, with proper citations and correct references). Submit your paper to TurnItIn. If the percentage is high due to the cover page and references, it is fine. However, if the percentage is higher than 10% because of the content, you need to revise and resubmit.From student: Please read case study I attached below, there are 4 questions that need to be answered. They are in the case study highlighted in red. Also I am attaching another document it is “public health nurse interventions” for one of the questions. The question says to refer to this resource for help to answer the question. I think all the info is in the case study but you can refer to the CDC and WHO links and cite those as well if they help. Please follow the word count needed for each question. THANK YOU!

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Salmonella Case Study (4 questions, info provided)
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