Saint HCM540 Final Exam /Saint HCM540 Final Exam /Saint HCM540 Final Exam

Question 1.1.The main roles of ethics committees are: 
protecting patient’s rights and making changes medical staff.
developing standards and policy, Education, Clinical consultation, and Resource allocation.
making financial decisions.
seek financial resources.
develop strategic plans.
Question 2.2.Caregivers who suspect resident abuse are expected to: 
report their findings.
document symptoms and conditions of suspected abuse.
clearly define signs of abuse.
ensure that proper follow-up, per facility policy occurs.
all of the above.
Question 3.3.Domestic violence is a complex social problem that carries serious health care consequences, especially for intimate partners and others in society. 
Question 4.4.Deontology is a theory of ethics that uses the concept of duty and respect for persons to define appropriate ethical actions. 

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Saint HCM540 Final Exam /Saint HCM540 Final Exam /Saint HCM540 Final Exam
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