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  1. Live Action’s mission is to create a culture of life and change hearts and minds on athe following just needs a bortion by creating and distributing compelling, multi-platform media content that will educate, inspire and activadiences around thorld.” 

Live Action is a Pro life activist Group founded by Lila Rose. Abortion is a heated topic now, but Live action is Trying to bring light to the widespread misinformation on the truth about abortion. Often the information that’s being shared is biased towards the more “progressive” narrative that boasts abortion on demand and often denies a fetus’s humanity. They exposed a long-term pattern of abuse of the system. From underage abuse to sex trafficking victims having the evidence of the abuse covered up. They have shared video evidence of the illegal sharing of human fetal tissue. As well as helped get justice for trafficked victims. They have brought to the forefront of our media pages the truth on the risks of abortion as a procedure as well as the inhumanity of taking human life. Organizations such as planned parenthood often make claims to deny the life of the fetus or say its just a clump of cells, but live action has shown to a wide audience the reality of that innocent life.

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The impact Live action has had on our society as a whole has been a larger percentage of students collage age and up have become more prolife and are starting to recognize the ramifications of abortion and the inhumane laws that are being passed in states such as New York that now allow termination up until birth. 


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