Ronnie & Dave

This week, you will examine couple therapy models (Solution-focused, Narrative, and Collaborative) built on the premises of postmodern philosophies. Postmodern therapists believe clients have strengths and resources that need to be tapped into to elicit change in the couple relationship. Specifically, postmodern therapists ask questions to help clients identify ways they’re already being successful and help them apply these solutions to the current problem. As clients tell their stories, therapists listen for and highlight client strengths.Suggested movies:Billingsley, P. (2009). Couples Retreat. [Motion Picture]. United States: Universal Studios.InstructionsAfter reviewing the resources assigned for this week and watching one of the movies provided in the suggested list in the weekly introduction, apply one of the postmodern models, i.e. solution-focused, narrative, or collaborative, to a couple from the movie by creating a treatment plan for the couple. Follow these instructions:Case Description: Provide a brief summary of the clients’ presenting problem, history, and current functioning. Note: Use the couple from the movie to develop the case study (don’t write about the movie). It’s fine for you to elaborate or make up information to fit the scenario you want to address. Case Conceptualization and Treatment Plan: Provide a case conceptualization and treatment plan for this couple based on your chosen model.Reflection: Write a brief 1-page reflection about this experience. Do you think you’d use this model in your work with couples? Why or why not? What personal values/biases might come up for you while working with this couple? How will you address these?

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Ronnie & Dave
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